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Welcome to Oakleaf Community

We are a Christian community based in Bishop Auckland and West Auckland who want to serve our local community and offer hospitality to people in need. That doesn't mean we offer emergency accommodation or a refuge, but people who do stay with us will experience a supportive family environment. If you think we can help you or someone you know please get in contact. If you would like to know more about Oakleaf Community we would love to hear from you.
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Recent posts

Bishop Auckland Advent Window 24th December

We had a great time taking part in the Bishop Auckland Advent Windows this morning revealing a quilt that we had produced for the Forces Support shop in the Newgate Centre.

The quilt tells the account of Simeon and Anna in the Temple when Jesus was presented by Mary and Joseph. It depicts the sacrifice of  the two doves that have come to represent peace. The bright chevrons represent Simeon's uplifted arms as he praises God for allowing him to see the Saviour, Jesus. Simeon prophecies that Mary will suffer a pain like a sword piercing her heart, in between the squares of the quilt there are grey crosses that represent a sword and also the cross on which Jesus will die. There are blue squares that have hearts embroided on them representing the great love of God in this act of giving.

We felt it was significant that the quilt is in the window of a charity who support the forces as many of the people it supports will have suffered in the pursuit of peace. Mothers today still lose the…

Its Christmas 2018

We had a Christmas meal together yesterday with all the trimmings. It's hard to think that we have been doing life together for nearly 12 months. I'm sure if you spoke to each one of us our experiences and what we have learnt being different, but we made it because of Jesus whose birth we celebrate. We are excited about next year, exploring what God's plans are for next year and discover how the foundations laid this year will be apart of those plans.

We are thankful that we have the support of each other in the community and reflect on how many people's loneliness is highlighted by this time of the year. As we sat eating a meal we thought of other's who are struggling because of financial difficulties.

Have a peaceful Christmas.

Quilt making Oakleaf Community style

A few people from Oakleaf Community are creating a quilt that will be displayed in a shop window as part of the unusual attraction called the Bishop Auckland Advent Windows. Just look at the concentration of them all :-)

Production of the quilt is very much a group activity where people are learning as they go. It will be revealed in the Forces Support, Newgate Centre on the 24th December.

The first advent window reveal will be on Saturday 1st December at Auckland Tower in Bishop Auckland's Market Place at 11am. This window has been produced by the children of St Wilfred's RCVA Primary School.

Here are some photos of the quilt in production.

Monthly Prayer Diary

We have a monthly prayer diary which shares important news from Oakleaf Community and will help if you want to prayer for us and the work that we do. Prayer is so important and we appreciate the time that people take to do this. We may change names and in some cases write requests vaguely in the diary to protect people's identities and to keep with confidentiality, but know that Jesus knows who and what you are praying about.

Please get in contact if you would like to receive our prayer diary.

Thank you from MacMillan

We received a thank you card from MacMillan Cancer Support. Well done street and everyone who supported the coffee morning.

Garden Party: Light of the World

On the 31st of October 2018, we had a garden party with the theme of Light of the World. We invited the local community. Everyone wore as much light as their bodies could carry, there was a barbecue, games and a Ian Sharrock telling us a story. Here are some of the photos including the preparations before hand. It was definitely a glowing evening!

We invited our neighbours to a Macmillan Coffee Morning

We had a great time today at out our home in Bishop Auckland today. We invited everyone from the street and friends to come and take part in a Macmillan Coffee Morning which extended into the afternoon. People came and it was great meeting them while raising money for Macmillan. We even dropped off a few cakes to local businesses. Here are some of the photos, many taken by Christine Perceival.